Press Release – Running!

For Immediate Release May 16, 2016

Contact:  Michael Underwood

Tel:     401-527-5572



WARWICK: Michael Underwood announced that he will run for State Representative in District 21 as an Independent, representing Warwick.

Underwood is a small business owner and a 23 year United States Coast Guard veteran who honorably retired in 2009. He is a graduate of Pilgrim High School and attended classes at Cape Cod Community College. During his career he earned two separate achievement medals and a Coast Guard medal for his heroic lifesaving effort during the Tug SCANDIA fire and grounding in 1996. His last three positions were at the command and leadership level.

“I am very concerned with what is occurring in our state,” said Underwood.  “It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck. It appears that 38 Studios was just the beginning, now deemed to be fraudulent by the SEC.  In the past few weeks alone, tolls have been forced and passed, anti-business legislation has been proposed, and then there is the national embarrassment associated with the botched tourism logo and campaign. Most recently the route 6/10 connector project resulted in demeaning conduct by state officials at public meetings, which appears to be a bait and switch tied to the toll project.”

Underwood has lived in Rhode Island most of his life, except when his service in the Coast Guard brought him to other states.  He has lived in his district concurrently since 2007.  He is married to his wife Lisa, and has one child 3 years of age.

“It is very clear that our elected officials are not listening to the people, particularly State Representative Naughton,” said Underwood.  “She has voted for every anti- business piece of legislation including the tolls.  Our state is ranked at or near the bottom in most key categories and her voting record is part of the problem.”

Underwood is active in the community, donating time and materials to A Wish Come True, the Aldrich Jr. High Teacher Memorial Wall, and working with students in detention at Pilgrim High School.

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