The Issues

√ No Tolls

Rhode Island’s road and bridge infrastructure is rated the fourth highest in costs per mile but the forty-fifth worst in the nation.

The Rhode Island General Assembly passed Governor Gina Raimondo’s RhodeWorks plan in thirteen days. They did not listen to industry leaders in the trucking industry. They ignored the pleas of local trucking owners that it would harm their already thin profit margins. That it would cause the industry to locate distribution centers outside of RI in Swansea, Milford, and Fall River, MA. Finally they ignored the pleas of their constituents not to pass toll legislation.

As your legislator I will listen to your views and work towards preventing tolls on cars. I will be an independent voice in the State House.

End Community and Legislative Grants

We have seen how there is no oversight on how $8.8 Million in community and $2.2 Million in legislative grants are coming out of various departments or handed are out by the House Speaker and Senate President.

While the grants may help various organizations and non-profits in the state they need to be part of the state budget and voted on in the State Budget.

As your independent voice I will work to enact legislation to shine a light on how our tax money is spent, legally and ethically.

Promote Ethics Reform

As we have seen, twice in the last two years the Rhode Island State House was raided by the FBI and State Police for the first time in our history. Former House Speaker Fox was arrested and eventually convicted on misuse of campaign funds. Just this month a state representative resigned. Other members have failed to file their finances dealings to the Ethics Commission.

As your representative I will bring an independent voice to getting and passing ethics legislation independent of the House and Senate that provides real reform to bring open and honest government back to our state.

Line Item Veto for Governor

Rhode Island is only one of six states without a line item veto for the governor. Forty-four other states such as Massachusetts allow their governor to remove frivolous or wasteful spending from the state budget. Currently our governor would have to veto the entire budget to stop spending on a program they deemed unnecessary.

By advocating for the Line Item Veto we allow the governor to remove the spending item yet the General Assembly can vote to reinstate the budget item with a veto override. This then puts the spotlight on the General Assembly if there is bad spending in the budget override. I will work to get the Line Item Veto passed as your independent representative.

Ease Business Regulations to Create Jobs

As a small business owner I find myself inundated with forms, documentation, regulations that are duplicated from two or more state agencies, increasing fees, and an unwieldy government bureaucracy that prohibits rather than encourages business growth and development.

By cutting the Gordian knot of red tape we can help businesses grow and in the process business owners can create jobs and hire more people. By creating jobs we can keep our college graduates here in Rhode Island, thereby keeping families together, and adding buying power in our communities.

As your state representative I will advocate to cut fees and regulations on business to allow for job growth and improve Rhode Island’s stagnant economy.

Support for Our Veterans

As a Veteran I know the challenges faced by our men and women in uniform both active and recently deactivated personnel. Rhode Island needs to be a state where our Veterans have the resources readily available to find jobs, have good housing, have good educational opportunities, and family support while deployed.

Preserving Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay is a vital resource for commerce, recreation, tourism, and its natural beauty. I will work to preserve the bay so it may be utilized for generations to come and be a crown jewel for Rhode Island, now and in the future.